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Keeping Your Information Technology and Industrial Control Systems Secure

Cybercrime and cyberattacks are an increasingly growing threat to today's Internet platform. Ransomware, fraud, malware, phishing, and numerous other attacks are happening on SCADAs, computers and electronic devices. Cipher Solutions helps identify your vulnerabilities and designs security for your networks and Industrial Control Systems including SCADAs. Explore your options with us.

Enterprise Security Assessment & Vulnerability Analysis

Our skillful specialists conduct a review of the security of your enterprise. They also conduct a vulnerability scan of your network. A report is provided on the results of the assessment and analysis, along with proposed actions for remediation.

Target Customers: This service is for enterprises of all sizes.


The enterprise security assessment and vulnerability analysis is conducted in three steps.

Step 1: Security Assessment
Cipher Solutions conducts an interview with you to discuss the entire security posture. This includes a detailed interview of the various security aspects of customer environment and security posture. We use the U.S. Government's National Institute of Technology (NIST) standards, specified in NIST SP 800-53 Rev 4, Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Systems and Organizations, April 2013.

Step 2: Network Security Scanning
Our team conducts basic passive scanning of your network. This is to map the network and identify any network openings. No attempt is made to perform any intrusions or other actions (such as penetration testing). This basic external scan of your network helps identify potential openings for a security attack.

Step 3: Security Assessment Report Generation & Review
We develop a report outlining our findings. This includes a prioritized list of potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses. In most cases, we recommend remediation actions and also review the report with you.

Young Professional Implementing Server Maintenance

Security Architecture, Design & Implementation

When it comes to security architecture, design and implementation, Cipher Solutions helps:

Outline the Security Architecture

Develop the Security Design

Assist in Implementing Security in the Product

Target Customers: This service is for technology companies including those offering security technology products or IT related products. IT Solutions can help you protect data, design data access and authorization, deploy security controls, and conduct security monitoring.

Security Assessment and Authorization (SA & A) for Government Agencies 

Cipher Solutions efficiently conducts security assessments for government agencies based on the U.S. Government's National Institute of Technology (NIST) standards. We comply with the FISMA, in accordance with NIST standards, e.g. SP 800-53 Rev 4, Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Systems and Organizations, April 2013.

Target Customers: Local, State, or Federal Government Agencies

Cyber Security Insurance Advisory Services

More details are to come. Reach out to our company for further information.


We offer competitive prices for all services provided.